Hold Fast

Hold Fast
It's been a long week. Even the weekend was stressful. This is my birthday week. I should be thinking of happy celebration things...and I am...sort of. But I have a lot on my plate this week. I have so much to process and think about and do...that sometimes it's just paralyzing. Sometimes...it stops me dead in my tracks and I can't think at all. Well not logically anyway. It's then I have to fight with everything I have, NOT to curl up in a little ball and shut down. But I'm a dang tough fighter in case you didn't know. Sometimes I need a little encouragement. A reminder. This is my reminder to me today, and to anyone who might be struggling or stressed out. HOLD FAST Photobucket (Don't worry mom, it's just a sharpie...I didn't get another tattoo.) Hold Fast. Help IS on the way. I do have a hope and a future, I know that. So today I rest. Today I process. Tomorrow I'll start eating my elephant, one bite at a time. And then? Then I'll think about how you can celebrate my birthday on Saturday {hint hint}. If you need my address, just let me know :) you are so loved. xoxo, lisa

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