Top Ten Things I Like to Eat a silly post

Top Ten Things I Like to Eat a silly post
We all love food. Admit it. We do. It sustains us. It comforts us. It motivates us. And sometimes it just makes us happy!
I DO get in ruts sometimes. Then I have to have one thing over and over, until I tire of it. But for right now, this day in August, my top ten favorite foods (and beverages) are...drum roll please...
  1. COFFEE. This one never changes, never gets old. Nothing fru fru. Just plain, black, strong, put hair on my chest, coffee. I love it. And yes, I AM a Starbucks fan. But there is something ever so comforting to walk into a Starbucks and have them say "usual?" I love that, it's like Cheers, remember Cheers? But without the alcohol.
  2. Chocolate Hazelnut Biscotti from Trader Joe's. nom nom nom
  3. Veggie Straws. Masked as healthy, I think there is crack in them, very addicting.
  4. Tootsie Rolls. NOT those small, hardly can taste'em version. But the big, get stuck in your teeth ones.
  5. Kale and Chard and GREENS from my CSA. So fresh and healthy. I really can't get enough.
  6. Tomatoes. Jersey tomatoes specifically. With a little sea salt and Thousand Island dressing! But since I haven't lived in Jersey for a very long time I have to settle for what's available. {sigh} It's ok, at least they are both red.
  7. Pellegrino. Oh.My.Word. I love this stuff. True story? When I was a senior in high school I used to take Perrier Water in my brown bag lunch. Snobby? Possibly. But it definitely fueled my passion for Pellegrino.
  8. Swedish Fish. Again, old standard, forever love. If you want to know my deepest, darkest secrets give me the fishies and I'll tell you everything!
  9. Dried Fruit. Specifically dried cherries. I really would like a food dehydrator, and it is my birthday next Saturday. hint. hint.
  10. Yogurt & Granola. My number one go to snack. I love it for breakfast. I love it for lunch. I love it for a bedtime snack. Sometimes I add frozen fruit. I know, risky. :)
Anyway, that's my top ten for today. I'd love to know what you're munching on these days. Come on, share!
And don't forget...
BE creative!
~ lisa

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