How to cuff your jeans. Fashion Tip Tuesday.

How to cuff your jeans. Fashion Tip Tuesday.
Face it. We've been cuffing since we were babies. Sometimes for the sheer need of being able to walk in our pants. Sometimes because you wanted to run barefoot. Sometimes because you fashion-ized in the 80's. Sometimes because they just weren't quite the right length. But sometimes. Sometimes…you just need to cuff.

So what exactly is the low down on cuffing? And here's the magic people. There are no rules. Cuffs just work. Almost any jeans can be cuffed. Big rolls. Small rolls. Pegged. Any shoes. Any style. Any age. Boys and girls. Anything goes. Seriously. It doesn't get much better.

Cuffing your pants can totally change the way they look. It's fun. It's easy. And really, like I said….no rules.

Me? I am an avid cuffer. I love big wide cuffs. Fun way to showcase cute shoes. Skinny tight cuffs? Great for combat boots or booties. And yes friends…I even went old school 80's this week and pegged my jeans with my TOM's. And guess what…I loved it.
Boyfriend or oversized jeans. Messy cuffs. On my wide bottom pair I go a bit wider on the cuff. Skinny bottoms…skinny cuffs. Pretty easy to remember.
Skinny jeans. My favorite to cuff. With a boot I would choose a very skinny less visible cuff. Just a tiny bit of ankle peeking out. With a sandal or loafer or sneaker a wide cuff is best. LOVE!
Make sure you look like you did it on purpose. Not like…oh no there's a flood!
Make sure you pair your cuffs with cute shoes. It's kinda why we cuff…to showcase the shoes. Get it?

Guys. You have to cut. Totally cool. Very hip.
Boot cut. Don't do it.
Flared. NO No.

Why cuffing works. It adds a bit of chic to your otherwise basic boring jeans. Suddenly your ratty jeans, possibly with holes, can be paired with heels and look amazing. Truly. The possibilities are endless!

Spring and summer are your perfect cuffing season. I challenge you to give it a shot and then let me know! Come on. You can totally do this.


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