Hula Hoops are cool - well at least to me

Hula Hoops are cool - well at least to me
I only have a minute...but I have to share with you my new favorite thing.
The hula hoop.
My whole life I couldn't hoop. I'd watch my girls do it...sometimes I'd try...always I'd fail. But no one ever tells me I can't do anything. I am stubborn very determined. You say no...I will always find a way to say yes. That's kinda who I am. Now you know.
Anyway, summer vacation and our icky rental home, meant almost every day I had my lovely children coming to the studio with me. Some would work. Some would create. Some would just whine. I don't do well with unproductive, AND I love to exercise, AND I know well exercised children are like well exercised pets...much better to live with. Thus the hoop.
I wanted to try for a long time. So off to the sporting goods store. $19 later, two pretty weighted hula hoops. Let the fun begin.
Both the 11 year old and 13 year old picked them up and started hooping right away - and never stopping. How do young hips move like that? I mean seriously?????
I waited. I watched.
Then the boy did it. (Oh, how I wish I had a picture of him!!!) Well that was it. If he could hoop, so could I! A little competition goes a long way!
And guess what? I can hoop now! Yay me! Maybe it's the weighted part of the hoop. Maybe my hips are just better than they used to be. Maybe I'm less concerned with looking like an idiot. Or...all of the above. Regardless, I can hoop. So there.
But, this is more than that. Not only did it become a great break up the day distraction. It's good for you. Stronger core. Firmer abs. Less back pain. WINNING!
THIS? This I don't recommend.
The girls ended up doing crazy tricks by the end of the summer. Me? I'm just happy when I can keep it going long enough to check my phone for messages and clear my head.
So if you see weird moving shadows in my studio know why. Don't judge. Grab a hoop and let's do this thing together. Your waistline will thank you!
(thank you Anneke for the awesome photos!)

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