Processing ANGER

Today's blog challenge topic is anger.

Something I know NOTHING about! *rolls eyes* Ok, I lied *gasp* I know anger. Perhaps too intimately.

I DO believe ANGER is something that we often need to experience.
It's a pretty basic human emotion. Different "things" trigger it for different people. It could be an emotional hurt, a physical hurt, your kids (not mine of course) or just something that gets in "our way".
Let's face it, we all get angry!
It's what we DO with our anger that is our choice.
I believe anger needs to be resolved within us in order to "move on".
What does that look like?
For me? Things that unexpectedly anger or inconvenience me...let's just say my reaction is, well, just that, reactionary. I tend to "spew forth". Sometimes that is ok...but more often than not this is an area I struggle with. *read as brown eyes flashing, curly hair standing on end*
For bigger issues that anger me...I tend to look for resolution.
Can I fix this issue?
Can I make an impact?
Do I need to let go and move on?
What we cannot do is let our anger control us. It doesn't deserve that kind of power!
I love this verse from Psalm 37.8 as it's written in the version called the Message, it says:
"Bridle your anger, trash your wrath, cool your pipes - it only makes things worse!"
Know your anger...know your in your pipes...and hey, if you're like me banging on metal is ALWAYS helpful! I'll even lend you a hammer!

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