What do I believe about Authenticity? HELLO...THAT is a loaded question.
My simple answer?
I believe to be AUTHENTIC is to be real. To be yourself. To be genuine.
To be the person you are at home when you out in public.
But we all fail at that don't we? Way too often :(
How often do we just want to fit in?
We just want to make ourselves look better than we actually are?
We all fall prey to that...quite frankly it's our nature.
And as a Christian it becomes an even more difficult question. How can I be an Authentic Christian? Am I? Do I even come close? Do I let the world see that I can honor a God I love and still be fun and have fun?
Again...we fail. Well at least I fail...maybe you have that whole perfection thing figured out!
But here's the thing. I at least need to be trying and striving towards AUTHENTICITY.
And when ( I didn't say if!) I screw up...I get back up again....and start over! That is the beauty of forgiveness!
So come on...be Authentic! I love you JUST the way you are!

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