Dealing with BODY IMAGE

Ok...really? Seriously? Did this have to be a topic for the month? I am so tempted to just "skip it". Or say, "I believe Body Image is something we all have"...brilliant, right? But then I would be a failure at the blog challenge and I'm fairly sure FAILURE is going to come up on the list for a topic too. Geesh I can't win! So here it goes. I believe Body Image...or what we personally believe about our OWN bodies...impacts so much of who we are. I'll go even further and be more honest. What I believe about MY Body Image, greatly affects who I am, how I relate to others and even what kind of day I am having. And yes, before you say it...I think that's pretty stupid too. I have three beautiful daughters who I know will be affected, and have already been affected by what they think about their own bodies...based on what OTHER people think. I hate that.
Will I be taller?
WIll my hair get curly?
Is my butt big?
Do you think I'm fat?
Will my boobs ever grow? (I think that was mine, but I'll blame it on them!)
Sure I can teach them that what is really important is what is on the inside...and that is COMPLETELY true!
I even created this necklace, called "God Looks on the Heart". It has a card included that says, what REALLY matters is what we look like on the inside, no matter what the world tells us about the outside.
But the reality is, in a society that focuses so much on our outside appearances we get sucked into the madness. So how do we fight it? How do we win?
I believe we need to learn to be content...not lazy. To be confident...not proud. Let's face it people...God doesn't make mistakes.
However, it is our job to take care of the bodies we have. In other words....HEALTHY LIFESTYLE!!
That right....exercise....and don't do stupid things our bodies don't like. That part is our responsibility. And truthfully, I feel so much better after I exercise...mentally AND physically. And I love getting my kids involved too. Although they live very active lifestyles...sports, outside etc. I invite them to participate with me...and we have fun!Bottom line: I believe BODY IMAGE should and can be a positive thing. Stop comparing yourself to others, and worse magazines (I know enough about photoshop to know how "fake" they are....just sayin). SO stand up tall, be proud and thankful for WHO you are! Because dahling....YOU. ARE. BEAUTIFUL! xxoxoo lisa

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