Insta Friday - a week in review

Insta Friday - a week in review
Friday. Already. What a crazy whirlwind week. I'll be so glad when it's over...truly. And...after today I will no longer own a home in Michigan!! Bittersweet? Yes.
Last week began with packing up the rest of the house...and well, here's a peek into my world.... Let's just say my stroll down memory lane was HIL-AR-I-OUS. And now you know exactly how old I am. As if you couldn't tell by my awesome 80's hair and ray bans!
There was a small break in packing to take my son for a tattoo. Yes, we allowed it. Yes, he thought about it for a long time. Yes, it's VERY meaningful. And really, what does a mother with five tattoos have to say? Personally? I love it!
All the moving through me off my groove. I left the house Monday morning with slippers on...and did nothing to my hair...the result? Crazy curls!
All the moving got to my smallest person too. Sad panda. Sick day in the studio.
I have had a strange NEED for tea every night this week. Very soothing. Mmmmmm...
Love messages in my studio!
A recovered small person. We drove out in a blizzard to go to her basketball banquet - but her smile made it worth it!
And since I haven't designed any new jewelry this creativity bug came out when I decided my iPhone case was boring. Not anymore!
Have a great you bunches!

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