It's time to stand up and be brave.

Being brave. Being brave is NOT suiting up in armor and facing our enemies head on. Being brave is NOT fighting back.

"Be brave!", they say. "Chin up!", they shout. "Go get 'em!", they yell. As if it were that easy.

And sometimes maybe it is that easy. Sometimes it's just standing up for ourselves in the little things. But sometimes. Sometimes being brave takes every ounce of energy we have JUST to take our next breath.

Brave. The mom who is doing everything to balance parenting and career and the child that demands far more than she ever intended. Brave. The woman who is trying to get ahead in business but truly doesn't have a clue what her next step is. Brave. The man who is forced to go out and get a new job after doing the same thing for many, many years. Brave. Deciding to follow your dream and step way outside was is comfortable and known. Brave. Not allowing the challenges of life to consume you and steal your joy.

And sometimes. Sometimes it's just taking a look in the mirror and realizing who you really are. Embracing that person. Trying to find out what she needs. And moving ahead.


sometimes we just need to be brave. but we can't go it alone.

We live fairly comfortably in the boxes that we've created around us. Boxes that have sheltered us. Possibly cared for us. Given us a sense of control. But are they really safe? Maybe. Maybe they are stifling us. Stealing the very breath we need to survive. Maybe we need to cut through the walls of those boxes and see what's on the other side. Maybe we need to reach for the dreams that we never let live beyond a deep thought in our soul. Maybe it's time to do some box crushing. Maybe we need to be brave.

Honestly? You will never have the strength to be that brave on your own. No one can go it alone. For me? It's my faith. It's what I believe in. It's the God who I believe is standing next to me every step of the way. That's what gives me the strength and the bravery I need. Next to that it's friends who believe in me beyond a shadow of a doubt. Friends who believe in me even more than I believe in myself. Who push me. Who challenge me. Who make me better...even when it hurts.

Be brave.

Bravery doesn't mean being stupid. It just means letting the dreams within you have a life of their own. It just means stepping outside of our comfort zone and doing what feels ridiculously unsafe. Unprotected. Unjustified. Unchartered. And yet sometimes bravery is just making the decision to wake up tomorrow. To take the next breath. To put your feet on the floor yet again. To face the challenges of THAT day. To remember to love and be loved. To give yourself permission. And sometimes that is the bravest step of all.

You friend, are harder on yourself than anyone else in the whole world. You judge yourself. You criticize yourself. You put yourself down.

{{I know.}} Because this is what I do

I am my own worst enemy. And quite frankly I do not want to face me in a dark alley. Because I am vicious and mean and unkind and often ruthless. But only to myself.

So I am here today to give you permission to be brave. I'm here to hug you and love you and tell you it's going to be OK. I'm here to tell you how wonderful and beautiful and amazing you are and how your vulnerability speaks volumes to the beauty of your soul.

Be brave my friend. Be brave for you. Be brave for everyone around you.

Because you are light and joy and hope and so very loved.

xoxoxoxox, lisa

(illustration via Isabel Lehmann)

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