Trends and Fashion. What do they mean for you?

Fashion and trends are crazy. It's the constant battle within us wondering if we SHOULD follow what's the latest and greatest, or if it really looks as ridiculous to everyone else as it does for us! I just returned from the Altitude Summit conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Alt is for creatives and bloggers and people like me who live the creative life and do most of our work online. In short? My people! Besides being ridiculously inspired and bursting full of new ideas...I noticed something. There was something infinitely different about this crowd. Everyone was unique. And not only that. Comfortable in their own skin. Fashion and style ran from conservative to wild. Sparkle to tweed. Ombre' hair to shaved heads with color. It was amazing. It was so real. These were women embracing who they are and having no fear to be the trend. I loved it.
My new friends from AltSummit showing off the trends - photo courtesy of Alt Kristen Ley from AND Bethany Tran from
So while I was going to write about how you and I go about this, I remembered...I did write about that. Quite some time ago. And as I re-read that post from 2012 - yes, almost 4 years ago, I realized nothing has changed. My advice is the same. Be yourself. Find what you love. Be the trend. I invite you to click back to that post and let me remind you how beautiful and unique you are. Don't let anyone force you in a box and tell you how you should look. Clearly, I no longer care what anyone else thinks! My hair changes color regularly and I have over a dozen tattoos - not for anyone else but me. Because it makes ME happy. Find your happy. Express it. Be the trend baby. much much love, lisa

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