Keeping FIT during the Holidays

I'm taking a few minutes off the "jewelry" talk to you about something that's important to me...EXERCISE. And we all know that Christmas means parties, and treats and ALL sorts of goodies. So that being said...

Ready. Set. Exercise. It's not as bad as you think!

I know, we all SAY we are going to exercise. Hey, we might actually even WANT to exercise. But it's that endless problem of time. When can we I fit it in? It's hard I know.

You know you feel better AFTER you've finished…that “Whew, I did it” feeling. But did you know your body is super excited that you just got started? Your body immediately starts burning calories! It's like taking mood altering drugs…REALLY!

So if you need a few "motivators" to get you started with your exercise routine…tah dah…look no further. I shall give them to you! My top three reasons to exercise. And if none of these get you going…think on this….Christmas cookie season is coming. Want to eat more of that decadence?

Exercise and lose the guilt. Nuff said.

1. Kids have you frustrated? Boss ticking you off? Money pressures digging in? Go exercise - a walk, a run, jump rope…shoot…play hopscotch! Any sort of physical activity for 30 minutes or more will actually get certain brain chemicals reacting which can make you FEEL better. (You thought I was kidding about those mood-altering drugs…now you know…I NEVER, well almost never lie!)

2. Weight control a.k.a. eat more fun stuff. Maybe you want to shed a few pounds…you DO realize that doesn't work if you are sitting on the couch WATCHING Tony Horton do a Ten Minute Workout? You have to actually DO something to lose the weight. Set a small goal. Maybe it's just walking 3 times a week. Hey, if you do that YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! It's a great start! Engaging in physical activity = burning calories.

Maybe you desire to lose a little weight, but you care a lot more about eating those brownies that just came out of the oven! I call it a reward system. Exercising allows me to leave the guilt behind when I want to indulge every once in awhile.

3. Do you have trouble sleeping? Is your energy level sapped during the day? Exercise can help with that!

There is something about physical activity that delivers oxygen and nutrients to your cardiovascular system — in plain English, how your body circulates blood through your system…and that's a really big deal. It will help with your energy level…much more than that Snickers bar did (you didn't think I was watching…did you?) And who doesn't want a decent nights sleep? Again, it has something to do with that whole cardiovascular thing. You want details? Look it up. But you might just want to trust me.

And #4. I know I said three things…but this is a worthy tack on. :)

SEX. Yup, exercise even allows you to have a better sex life. I am so not kidding. First, it has to do with that whole cardio thing - the energy, the awesome circulation going on :) But also, when you exercise you feel better about yourself, more appealing, more sexy! So go ahead exude your newly found sex appeal…I'm SURE someone will notice. And yes, you can thank me later!

So now go forth and exercise. Set small goals and just do it! You know you want to, even if it IS just for the brownies!


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