Media Frenzy and What is really going on inside this jewelers head.

What an amazing few months this has been. A magazine cover, a newspaper article, a spotlight in an online magazine and featured on three different local TV stations. Wow. I feel incredibly blessed.
And I AM truly grateful. I get to do what I love each and every day. But owning your own business is not all glitz and glamour. It is hard work. Especially when it relies on your own creativity. That can be so subjective. Don't even get me started on the pressure!
There are too many moments that I doubt myself. Am I good enough? Will people like my designs? Will I ever sell "enough"? Should I just quit before I fail?
And then there is the comparison game...oh how I hate that one :( Is THEIR work better than mine? How come everyone reads THAT blog? Why don't people talk about MY work like that?
The worst? Mommy guilt. How can I possibly be a good homeschool mom and work this hard? Am I sacrificing too much? Will they hate me? Will they resent my job?
So many days I wish I had time to make a craft. Bake for fun. Play in the snow just "because". But I can't. Not now. Not yet. IN this season I work, and I work hard.
I DO NOT tell you this so you will feel sorry for me. I want you to see the reality of what it takes to be an entrepreneur...and a woman entrepreneur at that. I had no idea my business would grow like this! I didn't know my husband would lose his job and that we would count on my income for our family. {{No pressure there! DOH!}}
Would I trade it? Never. I DO love what I do. I know these are the gifts I have been given and I am privileged to use them. I'm just wallowing...a bit. A little self pity. A tad overwhelmed. So consider this a tiny glimpse into the girl on the OTHER side of the camera...a peek into my soul.
I will get up today...put on my ripped jeans, a tank top and my apron and head to the studio. Why? Because of YOU! I love making jewelry for YOU. So thank you! And thank you for hearing my heart...I hope it wasn't too much. xo, lisa
And if you ARE interested in seeing the video of the TV segment from yesterday, here it is. It was called "Surviving the Economy" on our local ABC affiliate WZZM 13

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