lisa lehmann - artist - goldsmith - who is she?

lisa lehmann - artist - goldsmith - who is she?
June. Year of 2015.
Time to take this blog "by the proverbial horns" so to speak, and own it once again.
lisa lehmann. artist. goldsmith. But who is she? Who am I?
Here is the story. Blog change over to wordpress. Blog stopped working. Lisa stopped writing.
New hosting service. Blog begins working. Lisa gets stage fright.
Enter my 12 year old self conscience persoanna. Do you really want to hear from me?
Do you really care what I have to say?
What should I write about?
Should I continue to be so personal?
What about the fashion and product ideas and reviews?
So instead of just doing it. I stopped.
The mind is a powerful tool that truly works against me if I allow it the space. And oh…did I give it the space.
Type. Delete. Stare at Screen. Repeat.
But today. Today it is time to put a stake in the ground - or words on the page - and start over.
Where to begin...again? What if I took some time to reintroduce myself to you. Let’s start there.
Every single piece of jewelry I sell is shipped with this card - my mini bio.
lisa lehmann artist goldsmith lover of people
But here are some other random facts you may not want to know - I’ve shared before, but we are getting reacquainted right?
And remember...judgement free zone. Like Planet Fitness, but better!
  • I love coffee with my whole heart.
  • I grew up in New Jersey in the 80's - nuff said.
  • When I was little and didn't have anyone to play with, I would play Monopoly by myself - if you want to know how ask me. It was very systematic. And fair.
  • I have very curly hair. I do not like having curly hair.
  • I had a birth mark next to my nose. It was surgically removed when I was 14 so people would stop telling me I had a spot of chocolate milk on my face. :(
  • I cannot speak in pig latin no matter how hard I try.
  • I am an artist with every part of my being. From how I think. To how I see the world. Everything is a canvas. Including my skin...apparently.
  • I threw a javelin in college and was 3rd in the nation my junior year.
  • I dream in full color and my dreams are extremely vivid, and often odd. If I talk to you during the day, chances are you will make it into my dream at night.
  • I wear high heels to make me stand up straighter and feel more confident. But I'm 5'10" in real life, so I'm usually taller than everyone anyway!
  • Feet. I hate them. Do not touch me with yours. Remember aforementioned fact, I can throw a javelin.
  • I know most of the words to every popular song in the 80's. Even if I haven't heard it in twenty years.
  • I am scared of the phone. It makes me physically ill to have to answer it. And then I sweat. This is why I never answer the phone.
  • I love getting into a really hot car.
  • Secret pleasure? Peanut butter.
  • I played three sports in high school My favorite? Basketball- I was the point guard (at 5'10") and fouled out of 50% of my games. Can you say aggressive?
  • I love being alone. I thrive on it. It fuels my soul. It’s not that I don’t like you…I just don’t need you :)
  • I have a toothless alter ego named Dennis - he shows up…a lot. And it just makes me laugh!
  • Secret desire? I really want to be in a play. I have a strong desire to act. To be on the stage. To pretend to be someone else.
  • I have two Golden Retrievers. My favorite people in the world have Golden Retrievers. I think my personality is that of a Golden Retriever. Do you know how hard it is to type Golden Retriever?
  • I am not embarrassed of my age. However, I am increasing embarrassed of my hands. I work with them. They are ugly. And they look so old. I hate it.
  • I am a hardcore romantic.
Now that you know me more intimately. Tell me something about YOU. I want to know you.
Let’s get this party started.

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