Show off the straps - it's strappy bra time!

Like it or not bras with gorgeous straps is making their debut. And it's time to show off the bra straps. Remember the years of hiding your straps? Tucking them in just so. Pinning them to your shirt. And ...gasp... the sheer embarrassment of having them show? Your mama told you it wasn't lady like. And she was right. Sorta. Somethings have changed. Sometimes you can be intentional. Now is the era of the strappy bra. Ok, so maybe it's not so much of an era. Perhaps a trend. But this is one trend that I am in love with. THIS tank top girl is pretty excited to add a new dimension to my signature look. Or what about those plunging back shirts? Whatever your choice. It's summer. Everything is a bit...shall we say...less. And your straps WILL show...why not be happy about it? There is a caveat. It needs to be deliberate. Have purpose. Be intentional. Here are a few of my favorite looks. This backless shirt from Fabletics is designed to be worn with workout gear. Not sure how that's actually supposed to I think more wine on the patio. bra, summer style IMG_4873 The same Freepeople bra with a white summer dress takes the dress up a notch. freepeople strappy bra summer style Need a bit more support? Lucky girl! Even sports bras have received a makeover. My favorite? strappy sports bra from Fabletics More of a lace gir? This bra from Freepeople is stunning. freepeople lace bra And of course...I look to Etsy. And this bra? Perfection. strappy bra etsy I'll admit. This look is not for everyone. AND the setting needs to be right. Picnic in the park? Yes. Office on monday Morning. No. And I don't need the same...shall we as others. But again...there is the sports bra option. Which actually is my favorite daily choice! Anyway...if you dare...even a little...I give you permission to embrace your feminine side. It's really not just ok, it's beautiful. xoxoxoxo lisa

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