Must haves for a Fall Ready Wardrobe - fashion tip Tuesday

Must haves for a Fall Ready Wardrobe - fashion tip Tuesday
September. It's that crazy transition season. Short sleeves or long sleeves? Sweater or no sweater? Flip flops or boots? Cropped or long?
Sometimes it's hard to know what is the best choice. This time of year I often stand in my closet and stare! But I usually make it out successfully and you can too. There are just a few things you need to know.
For one. There really are no rules. Forget about what your mama told you. This is an era of make the rules yourself. Now, that doesn't mean you get to wear your running shoes with jeans...there are still some "unspoken" rules! :)
What you need is a go to toolkit of sorts. This makes getting ready in the morning such a breeze.
First up. A great pair of jeans. I don't care what kind. You need to love them and feel good in them. My standard are a pair of skinnies. Why? Because I can roll up the bottom into a giant cuff if the weather is warmer and stick with flats, or leave them long and tuck them into my booties if it's a bit cooler. I also have a pair of straight jeans from the Gap. Perfect for flats.
Next. Think layers.
  • Invest in tank tops to wear under anything. That way you can be prepared for any weather.
  • A couple cute tops. 3/4 sleeves. Something plaid. Denim. Flow-y peasant. Colorful henley's.
  • Vests. A perfect layering piece. Leather? Knit? Denim? Whatever you love.
  • Scarves. Wrap a scarf around your neck and you have instant style. AND they keep you warm! Not sure how to style one...check out this idea.
  • Sweater. A great cardigan or pullover is crucial. Pick a neutral color.'s a layer, not a defining piece.
Shoes. This is the easy part.
  • Buy yourself a pair of cute flats. Go neutral. Go leopard. Whatever.
  • Ankle Boots. These are your perfect transition for fall. You will be wearing your tall boots for the next 6 months...don't rush it...savor it. And short boots look fantastic with your jeans and long as you are not wearing them as pants!!! Not sure of the bootie look? How about a pair of semi-combat boots?
Accessories. Again...layering is key. Statement necklace. Warm tones like copper and leather. Have fun with it. Enjoy it.
every day jewelry
Inspiration. Sometimes that is what we need. Do you have favorite shopping websites? Go there. Check out their look books. You may not have the exact same outfit, but you can get awesome ideas. I frequently check FreePeople - I love that style. Some of it is a bit too youthful for I modify. What about Anthropologie? Shopbop? Refinery29? All of these sites will give you great ideas. And don't forget Pinterest. I say them together because so many people will pin their Polyvore combos. There are awesome ideas out there.
Hopefully this gets you started. Now me? Today it's on the chilly side. Jeans are down. Combat boots. And simple layers. I still have to go to work...which is NOT conducive to extreme style and fashion! How about you? What are you wearing today? What's your biggest struggle with fall fashion? Ask me! xoxoxox lisa

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