FIVE ways to add heat to your marriage this week - my favorite thing

FIVE ways to add heat to your marriage this week - my favorite thing
Fall and back to school make for crazy insane schedules. As parents, as couples we are often going in different directions and barely have time for a kiss goodnight. Not good.
But it doesn't have to be that way. You can keep the heat, and even turn it up. Your significant other is worth it. And they will thank you. Trust me!
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If you're my is a good time to click away. I'm sure it will be TMI. Consider yourself warned!
Five easy things you can do THIS week - to set him on fire. Ready?
• Don't just hug him good morning. HUG him. I mean give him a hug that leaves him wanting for more. You don't have time for's all good. But desire? Desire is a very good thing.
• Shoot him a text in the middle of the day, and tell him you are thinking about that...ahem...way. I don't care how you say it. I don't even want to know...really. Him knowing that he crossed your mind in "that way" is a huge turn on.
• Impromptu dates. I know you thought I was going to say something else impromptu..didn't you? {{smile}}. Here's a snippet from one of our conversations recently?
  • Me: {name of restaurant}? You? Me? Thursday night?
  • Man: Ooooh, la la.
  • Me: You in?
  • Man: Sure.
  • Me: Then make a reservation! What are you waiting for?
Can I just tell you how much fun that was?
• Do you exercise at home? Now is a good time to start. Try doing some your bedroom...scantily, if at all, clad. THAT is sure to get his attention.
• Climb into bed naked once in awhile. They never expect it.
Now don't come back here and report to me what you did and when. I don't want to know. However...if you have any ideas you can share about what you do to turn up the heat in your marriage...I'd love to know! Leave a comment. It's easy!
So here's to you...and him...and some spice!

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