My BEST decision for family and business - ask Lisa

My BEST decision for family and business - ask Lisa
Today I did a shout out for "ask Lisa" questions. Nothing in my "go to" box was speaking to me. You came through with some amazing questions that are SURE to show up here in weeks to come! Thank you!

But one question. One question made me stop and really think. One question resonated in my heart. One question needed to be answered…for you…but ultimately for myself. And truth is, it did NOT take too long to ponder.

The question from Janna, was:
"what is the single best decision you ever made for your business AND your family?".

Maybe it was the way the question was worded. Because truly my decisions are just that. What is best for the business AND our family? What works both ways without sacrificing on either side? Yes, there are always some sacrifices. But I never wanted either side to suffer. There's a difference. I wanted to be successful AND be a great mom. Ok, good mom. Ok, "just" a mom?

I do believe I have gifts and talents. I do believe I am called to be a "creative". I think I'm good at what I do. I LOVE what I do. I'm passionate about it. But I also believe I was called to be a mom. I've always loved children. But having my own? I can't even begin to express what joy (and gray hair) they bring to me.

Back to the question. The single best decision I made for my business and my family.

For me? Homeschooling.
Probably not the answer you expected. Right?

The how and why I started homeschooling is meant for an entirely different post. It was not in my mindset. It sort of just happened. I began with Anneke in Kindergarten, while Noah was in 1st grade. Then his first grade teacher suggested that we keep him home the following year. "We just don't have anything to challenge him here." So off SHE went to first grade, he stayed home. At this time Studio Jewel was just 2 years old. A baby business. A hobby really.
Grand Rapids press article October 2005
And then it just became what we did. Until we moved to Fort Wayne last year. For 9 years I homeschooled on and off. Even Anneke's freshman year of high school. I loved it…true sometimes didn't love it. But it worked…for us.
Why it was the best decision? It forced me to be disciplined with my time. Time for the kids. Time for the business. Time for family tasks. We even lived by spreadsheets like this.

What it did for me as a mom? It helped me really connect with my small people. I know them. Really know them. I was with them. We did cool stuff together. We learned together. We read together. It.was.awesome.

What it did for me as a business owner. It made me focus. There was no spare time. Designs needed to be created. Stores contacted. Emails sent. Customers serviced. I didn't have time for "fluff". It also forced me to take it slow. And by taking it slow I learned to listen to myself. To find my path. To follow it. It was "the best of both worlds" as the sweet, young innocent Miley Cyrus aka Hannah Montana of yonder years sang.

Honestly? I miss it. I miss knowing my kids like that. I miss social media bake offs. I miss Free Hugs downtown Grand Rapids. I miss climbing to the top of the JW Marriott and standing on the helipad. Yes. We did all those things…together.
google fiber event downtown grand rapids michigan
I really wish I could have kept Tahlia home longer. In some ways she missed out…mostly I missed out. Being the youngest she started school last year in 5th grade. That's part of the sacrifice. But it was time. Now Studio Jewel is more than full time and I could not give my best to both worlds. I knew that. They knew that.
teaching a jewelry class to 4th graders at West Michigan Academy of Arts & Academics
But. It still is…and probably always will be…the very best decision I made for our family and the business.

Thank you Janna. For making me think. Thank you for such a thoughtful question. A $25 gift certificate to use on my website is headed your way.

If you have an "ask Lisa" question…please email me! If I choose your question you too will receive a $25 gift certificate for my website.

Thank you for reading. Grateful for you!


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