Back to basics tank tops my favorite thing

Back to basics tank tops my favorite thing
Besides my unmentionables - but doesn't mentioning make them mentionable - and who came up with the word unmentionable anyway. How's that for a confusing opening non-sentence. Let's start again.

Everyday, after I grab my undergarments (better) the very next thing I put on is a tank top. Not kidding. Every day. It's like my guardian wear. What do I mean? It covers everything. It gives me an extra layer. It adds a pop of color. And when I bend over there is absolutely no chance of seeing my unmentionables! I know the trend are these midriff belly showing shirts. Make them go away and please don't let your daughters wear them.

Back to my favorite thing. Tank tops. I've even written about their value before here.
But today I just want to tell you about my FAVORITE tank tops and a few others that rank pretty high on my list!
H&M. Although I used to love the whole store more…lately their selection has been "off" in my opinion. But their long tank tops are the bomb. Long. Key word. I am long. So if you are not…you might not have the same adoration as me! Starting at $5.95 in a plethora of colors!

Placing a high second is Downeast Basics. They are just such a great company. Their tank tops are made extremely well, have no tags…BONUS…and they have a nice high neckline. (Want to know how many times I had to re-type the word neckline? I kept typing necklace. Must be engrained in who I am! LOL) A bit pricier…but they last…like forever!

Third place…if I really need a color I don't have…would be Target. I think most stores are getting on the "these need to be a tad longer" band wagon. And although I love Target with all my heart, their tanks don't hold up to lots of washing. However, I do love the wider strap version. $9 junior department. It's ok, no one will look at you funny for shopping there.
VERY old photo of my daughter…but notice the layering piece. Yup. Tank top. Great for modesty!
That's my very basic. Very loved. Favorite thing. Tank tops do a lot in your fashion layering. If you didn't read the link I gave you above…click through now…come on friends…you need a tank top. Unless you're a guy. Then that would be weird. More of an undershirt really. And bright colored undershirts? Just.Please.Don't.


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