scatter the magic

scatter the magic
Today I have the privilege of guest posting on one of my favorite blogs...
kind over matter
Amanda has a passion for the creative community. She truly has a heart of gold. This "place" she has created is an environment of "loving souls changing the world by living authentic lives". Can you see what I love her so?
I am writing about being kind in business. Being authentic. Being magical....
Here is the post or if you would rather go to her is the link! scatter the magic ...


Game faces. Climbing the ladder. Waiting to make your move. The infamous “you’re fired!”. Success. The business world. Go big or go home. BLECH. I’m not wired for it. I hate the ugliness of being competitive in business. Why can’t we help each other? Why don’t we celebrate each others success? Why do we always have to feel like we have to watch our backs? I mean I get it. We want to succeed right? We work hard. Yet… The universe is a very big place. There is room for all of us. Just think… how much better the world would be if we actually encouraged others along the way? How much better would WE feel, knowing we helped someone else follow their arrow? We need to make an impact. Not just a dollar. If you chase after that, you will never be satisfied. I am passionate about making jewelry. It’s what I do. But it’s not who I am. I am equally passionate about making an impact on the people around me as I walk this earth. Whether that be by creating a meaningful piece of jewelry or authentically sharing my flaws, or being the only “kind” person they encounter that day. THAT is what brings me true joy. THAT is what makes me happy in business. THAT joy is contagious Be AUTHENTIC. Be real. Let people know you. Share your successes as well as your failures. Don’t be afraid to talk about your mistakes. BE you. If you put yourself on too high of a pedestal, you becoming untouchable. Guess what? You lose. EMBRACE those seeking your advice. Be approachable. That doesn’t mean give all your trade secrets away. It means be encouraging. It means your time and answering questions. Be the person you would’ve wanted to know when you were just starting out. ALWAYS do your best. ALWAYS make the extra effort. Your customers chose you, make sure that choice is rewarded. SHARE. Teach. Share what you know. Share tutorials. Give tips. Show your work space. ENGAGE with others. Share their posts. Leave comments. Give them feedback. Encourage them. Buy THEIR “stuff”! Be PASSIONATE about what you do! SMILE. Whether it be virtually or in person. It makes YOU and THEM feel better CELEBRATE your successes, be GRATEFUL for them. Dance. Jump up-and-down. High-five yourself. I don’t care what it is… you’ve accomplished something… it deserves to be celebrated! REMEMBER the magical feeling of your very first sale, your very first success, the very first time someone wanted what you had to offer? Pure MAGIC. Glitter and sparkles. A take your breath away moment. Can you remember? Now… take that joy… and embrace it EVERY time. THIS is what will set you apart. THIS is what will make your business different. Being an entrepreneur is a bit of magic. You are gifting a piece of yourself to the world. Do you realize how truly beautiful that is? So stop looking at yourself all the time. Look around you. Find ways to make an impact. You have so much to offer. Now go! BE creative! BE successful! BE beautiful! BE kind. and scatter your MAGIC!
love you to pieces,

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