Fashion Tip Tuesday - vacation style tips

Fashion Tip Tuesday - vacation style tips
Traveling. Vacation. It's almost a dirty word for me. I love it...but yet I loathe it. Does that even make sense?
Apprehension, yet excitement about new places. The fear alongside the thrill of transportation connections. The butterflies coupled with the intrigue of being prepared for what lies ahead.
And then there is the element of fashion. What to pack? What not to pack? Really, THAT is the question!
The past month I have basically lived from my suitcase. Between moving, and conferences, travel baseball, throw in a trip to DC and then more baseball...well, that's my life. So I've learned to pack smart. Not to over pack. And to be prepared for anything.
Summer weekend getaway? Here's a few things you just can't forget.
  • bathing suit and cover up - fringe is a HUGE trend this summer...along with anything surfer like. Hang ten dude!
  • One bag. Something light and colorful to get you from plane to around town.
  • Shoes. Flip flops...duh. Something cute and strappy. And don't forget functional comfort. That does not equate as wear your running shoes. My favs this summer all came from ShoeMint - my SUPERGA's are sure to make my favorite thing list.
  • Shorts are a must. Target has a great selection from "too-short-no-one-should-wear-them" to Bermuda's...very affordable!
  • A dress. Something flirty and light and packable. Again, Target had tons to choose from, my girls picked up a few!
  • Tank tops and t-shirts. Layering is key, especially when weather is unpredictable. I wear tank tops under absolutely everything. Why? Read about it here.
  • A cute sweater. Remember your mom always told you it was cold in restaurants? Wait, that was my mom. No matter...she was right. Pack a cardi in your bag!
  • Don't forget an umbrella and sunscreen. Two things you do NOT want to buy in the airport or pricey hotel gift shop. Capicé?
  • Optional, but a good idea? A hat and a scarf. Hat provides protection from the sun. Scarves are great when your cold, can tie your hair back, and add color to a boring outfit.
Here's a peak at some of our summer getaway fashion...
Dresses for travel are a must, especially in the summer!
This is one of my favorites - a light summer dress, super easy to pack...strappy sandals and tons of bangles to keep the feel casual and boho chic! LOVE! (and it packed easy and came out wrinkle free!)
sandals ShoeMint - dress Alter'd State - jewelry my own
Tween and tween dresses from cute! The patterns are fun and hip and young - hemlines not too short. And again, they pack really well! Throw a pair of spandex underneath so you don't worry too much about the unexpected "bend-over". Trust me.
dress Target - sandals PacSun
Summer outdoor concert style. Layers! Color! Shades and sunscreen!
notice the hat...and some fringe!
Uber tourist. Where comfort and fashion meet. We wore these outfits all day from museum to museum to subway to taxi. The layers kept us cool. The shoes kept us comfortable. The patterns gave us some flair!
Converse - shorts consignment - flow-y patterned blouse Target
shorts Target - Superga's ShoeMint - blouse boutique
Just remember you don't need to over pack! It's summer!! Enjoy it! Happy vacationing! xooxoxoxo lisa

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