Shopping online and getting paid to do it!

Time. We never have enough. We always over extend. We struggle to find more. We run out. AmIright? Shopping. Inevitable part of life whether you like it or not. Whether it be for clothing. School supplies. Even food. I'm a master of online shopping. in my mind. Maybe more like Wonder Woman...something about those cuff bracelets. shop online like wonder woman utitlizing ebates for cash back while you shop I digress. Online shopping. Ok. I'm back. I do most, if not all of my basics shopping via Amazon. I'm a Prime member and I utilize it for EVERYthing. Back to school shopping. Done. Prime pantry for food. Winning. Everything.
shopping for grocery essentials via Amazon Prime and ebates my recent Amazon Prime Pantry haul
But I also have a secret weapon. EBATES. It's simple. It's free to sign up. You get cash back for shopping. What's not to love?'s only 3% here or there...but it's SOMEthing! And every once in awhile there will be a 6% offer from a certain retailer and then it's all like "whoo hooo" CELEBRATE time! I truly get giddy about the little things. Click here ----> HERE to sign up. Like I's very much FREE - no tricks. No hoops to jump through. Nothing. I have them pay me right back into my PayPal account. Makes it simple. When you use my clickable link to sign up I totally get a credit for referring you - not trying to be sneaky or anything. We're friends...right? Full disclosure.
cash back from my monthly online shopping via ebates ebates cash back statement
As you can see from my statement. It isn't much...but it's basically free money from what you were going to purchase online anyway! No one should walk away from free money! AND...they even have a button to add to your tool bar so if you are doing some online shopping, you click the button, it logs you into the system and BOOM! If there is cash back associated with the're in! There you go. I have given you every excuse to do some online shopping...and get paid to do it. Who's your BFF today? *pick me pick me* xoxoxo, lisa

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