Stretch Pants - of the fitness variety

Stretch Pants - of the fitness variety
Fashionable fitness? Do those two words even go together? Let's face it, are you really concerned with how you look when the sweat is pouring down your back?
Ok, yes....we DO know there are those people at the gym. Maybe that is why I detest "gyms" and "group workouts". It doesn't fit me. I'm kind of a loner when I exercise, save my two trusty golden retrievers...and possibly a husband, or a kid or two.
However, I DO care about what I wear when I exercise. Mostly from the stand point of how it feels, how it breathes and if it holds all the pieces and parts together that it should. Can I get an amen?
I am one of those freaky people that will choose exercise over almost anything. I love it. Don't give me that look! I do! Unfortunately, I don't get to do it as often as I would like....not even close. But I'm ready to get back into running again, and mind you, when I say running...5 miles is my max. I am NOT a runner. But I do what I can.
ANYWAY....I wanted a pair of running pants that were cropped. That would breathe. And that held everything in place. And if they were cute too, that would be a bonus.
Viola! I found them! Old Navy to the rescue!
My girls needed shorts for volleyball camp. I am slightly against those bathing-suit-type-bottom-spandex-things girls seem to wear. Call me old fashioned, but seriously...I played volleyball and I never felt the need to paint on my shorts, nor would I have EVER wanted to be that exposed. *Rant over*
I found these amazing running / sport shorts at Old Navy. Cute. Lightweight. Comfortable. ONLY $15. And they can wear spandex UNDER them. *winning*
Extra bonus? Matching sports bras. No matter what size "the girls" are, you do need a comfortable sports bra. They each got a different style..again...dependent on "the girls". Each were super cute. $9.99 and $12.99 on sale.
Now back to me *ahem* and my running pants.
Check out these Active Compression Capris. I really do love them. I've worn them walking and running. They absorbed the sweat. No chaffing in weird places. They have a cute little zippered compartment at the back waist for your keys or a credit card - you case Starbucks is on the path where you run. (mine is)
I may have even broke a fashion rule here...
I wore them OUT OF THE HOUSE...driving my girls to volleyball camp. So I guess it was slightly fitness related, right?
But truly, don't do that. Fitness wear is not really fashionable. And spandex are not pants.
Ok, I feel better now.
Best part? Old Navy ships directly to you.
Wait, you really didn't think you'd see a picture of me in my gear did you? Ha, guess you better come work out with me...or meet me at volleyball camp!

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