Ask Lisa - Do you really follow your own fashion advice

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on June 07 2012

Funny. Humorous even. I HAD to choose this question.
"Lisa, do you really follow your own fashion advice?" Karen in St. Louis
The truth? Most every day you can catch me in ripped jeans, a tank top, flip flops and my work apron. There are no fashion rules in the studio. It's mostly a "don't ruin your clothes or set your hair on fire" rule.
But when I do leave the house. I actually make every effort to follow my own advice.
And...even as I left this morning to take my daughter to have two teeth extracted, and stop at the grocery store (Ok, I did stop at Ann Taylor Loft too...but only because I was RIGHT there!) I did make sure to "dress" for the day. Not because I had to, but because I truly enjoy embracing fashion every day!
Anyway, This is EXACTLY what I was wearing today. And I hit almost all of my fashion mentions from yesterdays post....Yay me! Black and white...stacks of bangles....cute shoes...and a pop of color! (forgive the pics we only had a cell phone available!)
the hammock moment was very brief...but I think I could get used to it!
Thank you for the great, honest, question Karen!
BE fashionable!

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