Studio peeks or happenings or life or whatever you want to call it

Studio peeks or happenings or life or whatever you want to call it
The studio is buzzing. Life with four kids is buzzing. I typically wake up and have to look at my phone to determine what day it is. Tell me I'm not alone here. Don't leave me hanging....
So what does that mean for you? An instagram glimpse inside the happenings of my crazy life. *laughter is expected*
So what exactly are you looking ask?
  1. - No, she is not experiencing a more simple Bibical life. Yes, we can afford to buy her shoes. She's a news reporter from Jerusalem. Duh!
  2. - And no, she doesn't think she's a princess...except all girls are, you knew that right? She's Melinda, the good witch. Original Oz, read the story.
  3. - Girl. Horse. That one was easy.
  4. - My iris are blooming and gorgeous. But it's only May. In Michigan. It's not right.
  5. - Again, May in Michigan...and 90 degrees. Yehaw. Not complaining.
  6. - Short version. I was bored in the podiatrist office waiting for my sons foot to numb, so I doodled on the doctors white board. It's the little things.
  7. - Carving a wax for a super secret project.
  8. - Wax done, finishing the silver...yes, that is .925 sterling silver all over me. Most expensive body glitter EVAH!
  9. - Pinterest for dummies. I'm on page 29. Nuff said. (wait, I'm not the dummy!)
  10. - I had a date...sorta...with my boy. Needless to say, we are on a hill, I'm wearing heels and he took he shoes off. He is WAY taller than me. was your week?

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