Fashion Tip Tuesday - Your Summer 2012 Basic Pieces

Fashion Tip Tuesday - Your Summer 2012 Basic Pieces
You've ignored it long enough. Pushed it aside. Thought it would go away. Tapped your heels together three times.
Guess what?
It didn't.
Summer is here, and your wardrobe is not. But never fear!
Panic-be-gone is as easy as adding a few must have pieces - then mixing and matching from what is already in your closet!
Ok, so you didn't take my advice and buy those red skinny jeans in the spring. Can I entice you with a pair of Atlantic blue ones? The beauty about colorful jeans is they add unexpected twist to your otherwise boring wardrobe - yes, I am paying attention.
Worried about what to wear them with? DON'T! White t-shirt? Black tank top? You don't need to go all funky color blocking. Keep it simple. Just make sure the jeans are the right fit for you. I love these from Joe's Jeans and they come in...wait for it...55 colors! Yes, they are pricey. But they fit extremely well!
Ah yes, shorts. They are truly the bane of my existence. I detest short shorts for many reasons. Long shorts? Well you might as well wear capri's. - the Trailhead shorts in white from Madewell. I've had Madewell pants in the past, they fit I can imagine these will too. A small price to pay for something you will virtually live in all summer long.
Rather wear a skirt? Then try the low hi skirt. Lower hem in the back...shorter in the front. It's a cute fun look that is ALL over the place and I'm kinda diggin it! I found this one from Alloy - basic black and inexpensive! Double win!
Don't forget your feet! I know this may not be your favorite store, but if you want trendy and inexpensive Payless is my go to. I just bought these studded sandals and the cute flowered version (my daughter got some too!). Perfect for summer and I can toss them when the season is over, no love - or money - lost.
Pull it together with a cute summer bag. Ombre is hot and so is this fantastic bag from Anthropologie!
There you go. A few summer staples that you can mix and match and feel like you are ready for summer!
Now, go play outside!

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