Thank you and goodbye 2011

Thank you and goodbye 2011
~ grateful ~ feeling or showing gratitude or feeling thankful
I use that word a great deal. It seems fairly inadequate to describe the true matter of my heart.
It's the morning of New Years Eve....the coffee cake is baking, the children are sleeping, and all is quiet. This peacefulness causes me to reflect. To remember. To have my pensieve moment. To look back at 2011.
When I do, I am...well....grateful. For the year. For the experiences. Mostly...for all of you.
In THIS space....on THIS blog, I shared with you "thankful thursdays", kids birthday celebrations, new designs. There were the glimpses into my ongoing struggle with depression, and the ups and downs of being a business owner.
I gave you silly glimpses into MY crazy life and quirky personality, along with our journey into gluten free. I talked about my girls, my boy and my dogs. I was introspective and thoughtful, and sometimes just downright odd!
You looked into my studio and I tried to teach you a few things along the way. We shared recipes and ideas.
I made my "search" story...which I still love by the way!
I tried to encourage you to be a cheerleader for yourself...and love yourself...and be "ok" with yourself! I shared with you how to make your craft...your art...your full time vocation.
We came together...YOU made a help those in Joplin affected by the horrid tornado.
My daughter donated her hair and you cheered her on. I taught metal smithing classes at my first show, and you cheered ME on!
There were news spots and stressful days and times where we needed to learn to "hold fast" together.
We made vision boards, strawberry jam and grew cucumbers.
I even went on our first "REAL" family vacation and you humored me by looking at my photos!
I entered an art competition and PAINTED - I was an artist in purgatory. I was scared and insecure and you encouraged me!
And then there were light hearted days of boots and fashion and photos from my phone.
But there were days of struggling with being "enough"...and thinking about a "railroad switch". I even shared my naked face.
You celebrated with me when I was added to the ABC news Made in America guide...and supported me when China decided to steal my designs.
Why do I share all these posts? It's as much for me as for you. I am amazed...and grateful...for the amount of support you have offered me. You have been the wind beneath my wings...truly.
So...thank you...for being you. Because truly....I think you're awesome.
Happy New Years Eve friends. I raise my glass to you!

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