Time for YOUR word.

Time for YOUR word.
It's time.
Time for a new year.
Time to embrace all that is ahead.
Time to choose.
word of the year bracelet
What if?
What if you entered 2012 with one word.
One word to help define, guide, nudge, encourage you to do more, be more.
Last year I chose the word "courage". I had no idea how perfect that would be. I faced new challenges and new successes. There was a LOT of "new" and COURAGE was what I needed.
For 2012 I am choosing "embrace".
What would you choose? What would define you? There are plenty of tools "out there" to help you find YOUR word, just do a simple search. But maybe your heart already knows.
Last year I introduced you to our word of year necklace. This year we added a bracelet. It displays your word of the year beautifully. Best part? If you want to add a word each year, we can do that. Imagine seeing your word journey on your wrist each day.
word of the year bracelet
word of the year necklaceSo...
...what is YOUR word? Will you share it with me?
Here's to an amazing 2012!

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