The Precious Present & Blissdom

I have just returned from the conference labeled Blissdom. The women...the atmosphere...the swag....yeah, pretty amazing.
We just reassembled our family tonight after a week of shuffling children. Two flew to Florida BY THEMSELVES {gasp} to visit their grandparents, and two stayed in our home with my incredible niece. And although each child was cared for in an amazing way, we didn't feel complete, we didn't feel whole...that is until tonight when we once again became a family.
So now I reflect on all the info I gleaned at Blissdom, all the women I stalked...I mean met....all the incredible opportunities to be with people who understand me. One would think I would leave there FULL, brimming even. But I am not. I struggle with where I belong in this blogosphere and even if I do, in fact, belong at all. You see I'm not actually a blogger like the rest of them...I am a jeweler who blogs occasionally. I have embraced twitter and have quite a following as thebeadgirl ...but what does that really mean? And does it mean anything at all? Thus I struggle.
On Friday at Blissdom our opening keynote was a speaker named Kevin Carroll (@kckatalyst on twitter) He was inspiring, motivating and down right funny. In a moment I found myself being "Vanna" for him, handing out balls to the women who came with babies. Imagine that? Me. One out of five hundred, chosen to embrace a task in front of all those people! I sweat (a little, okay a lot) but I was flattered to be "chosen". He rewarded my effort with a box of his "goodies"...again I was thrilled. This man had something, a Je ne sais quoi, and I was eager to find out more. Tonight I had a little taste from "the box" I was gifted.
I read one of the books, "The Precious Present" by Spencer Johnson. And what it taught me is to embrace the present. I have to stop worrying about my mistakes in the past, and not worry about who I may be in the future. Just love the moment I am in. It was what I needed RIGHT NOW.
I am not an amazing blogger, I am not even an amazing jeweler. The "top bloggers" have no idea who I am and I don't sell my jewelry in hundreds of stores. But I have four little people who love me and couldn't wait to have me come home. I have a home that I DO run quite effortlessly. I am a great cook. I have curly hair. My husband thinks I'm hot and sexy and my dogs love me. I love sunrises and high heels and I can still reach down and put my hands flat on the floor without bending my knees.
That is my Precious Present. That is what makes me smile. And rather than dwell on what I am not, and what others may think of me...I will choose to focus on today...on now...on this minute. And for that I will smile!

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