When you hit the brick wall

When you hit the brick wall
You know those little voices in your head? The ones that thrive on self doubt and whisper lies?
They visited me in San Francisco today.
As much as this is an opportunity of a lifetime, it is also very difficult. Long hours. Away from my family. Pushing myself to the max.
And there it was.
The brick wall. I hit it. Hard.
Nothing seemed to come together. Everything was a fail.
That's when I began to question what I am doing here. What I am doing thinking I'm a goldsmith. How could I imagine success in this business.
Being an entrepreneur is not for the faint of heart. You are ever evolving. Always planning. Constantly trying to be "one step ahead". It's draining.
That's where the self talk came in. Self talk is interesting. You can allow it to tear you down, or you can actually empower yourself.
I was in tear down mode. For most of the day I felt as if I was head first into the wall. I felt crushed in spirit. Defeated.
Then. Then I was reminded that what I do is so much more than "just jewelry". Yes I absolutely want to create for you exquisite designs that you will treasure. But even more I want to connect with you. I want to make an impact on this world that leaves deeper footprints than gold or silver.
I want us to walk alongside each other, as well as we can in this online world. It would be easy for me to hide behind my screen and create a larger than life artist persona...but that's not who I am.
I'm just a girl. A wife. A mom. An artist. An entrepreneur. A friend.
I may not be the very best at what I do. But I create with passion and heart, and I love it. Each day I strive to be better. Some days I succeed....others not so much.
But either way, I want to share that experience with you.
And today? Today I just need a hug.

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