A fashionable sweatshirt, what's not to love - my new favorite thing!

A fashionable sweatshirt, what's not to love - my new favorite thing!
Let's face it, sometimes fashion can be a headache. We want to look good, but we don't want to think about it. And all we really want to wear is a cozy sweatshirt. Am I preaching to the choir yet? So what if you could combine the two? What if you swapped out the Under Armour hoodie for something that feels equally amazing…but looks like you took some time and effort. Enter my new favorite thing.
I can't begin to tell you how amazing this sweatshirt is? And best part? It's handmade. Seriously…who does that? Who CAN do that? Well, my friend Ria can!
I met Ria from dressign through my Facebook page. {{The handmade community is such an amazing group.}} Ria asked me to check out her work. I instantly fell in love with ALL OF IT. And I don't say that flippantly…I'm pretty particular! Ok, VERY particular! Everything has such great style and lines…and looked so incredibly wearable.
Ria's story? An architecture student looking to make money post college, she stumbled upon Etsy. She decided to put some of her old designs in a store and see how they would do. Instant success! Her next thought was to design something new…again...success….and so the story goes! Even though she isn't sewing each item by hand any longer, each item is still handmade by Ria and her husband, with only a few other people behind dressign!
dressign is Tailor-Made street wear. ( i love that!) It's made for you! I have a super long torso and long arms…my sweatshirt fits perfectly! That NEVER happens!
We are focusing on the fresh outlook of streetwear in the form of easy, comfortable and casual clothes for both daytime and evening wear, which can be worn at work and during leisure time and also ethically and ecologically manufactured in Europe .
Ria gave me a few options to choose from, and this sweatshirt screamed out to belong to me! I love the lines. I love the modern look. I love the grommets and the cording. And it is so well made! It is as comfy as your favorite sweatshirt, but makes a total fashion statement. AND IT HAS POCKETS! People. Pockets! That is a total win! Even my teenage daughter agreed…it's already been stolen from my closet!
*** This sweatshirt is 55 Euros which is about $76 - not much more than an Under Armour or Nike sweatshirt and much more worth it. This is fashion. This is style. This is handcrafted amazing! ***
My next choice? The drapey cowl neck sweatshirt…it comes in SO many color combinations…but I'm totally digging these two! And it ends up being $55 with the discount. Worth it!
Here's to a fashionable end of winter! And trust me…this sweatshirt over denim shorts this summer will be sick!
Let me know what you choose!
lisa (photo credit goes to my daughter Anneke. She is amazingly talented...isn't she?)

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