Art Journals ~ how to create them with your kids

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on March 14 2012

How to create an art journal for yourself and with your kids. A fun project. A meaningful project. Something you won't regret. I wrote this post last October. I want to reintroduce it because it's time to update our journals...and it is definitely NOT a one time project. Being a creative, I have "made" creative children. Big surprise right? But I also have this problem. I don't like "the messies", which is hard for a child that is trying to be artistic to understand. I also have a natural aversion to PlayDoh, but that's a whole other story.
art journals
ANYway, I do desire them to explore and create. And I want them to find what THEY like to do, not necessarily follow my creative path. So when Lucrecer Braxton from Art Slam, who I adore by the way, encouraged me to enroll with my girls - in her Life is in the Art - Journaling class, I eagerly agreed.
art journals
art journals
The girls were immediately taken with Lucrecer's magnanimous personality, and they were excited to begin this new venture. Equipped with inexpensive journals, and a bucket of craft paint we were good to go!
art journals
For today, all I want to do is introduce you to some of the processes they went through to create the base for their pages. It was pure joy for me to watch them develop their own style as they tried, tested and explored along the way. Check out our video below and listen to my small people describe their creative process! Love it! So go ahead...give it a try. What would your journal hold? Leave me a comment. I want to know! and, of course, don't are so loved! xoxoxox, ~lisa

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