Be still. It's ok. I give you permission.

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on August 19 2015

Be still.

Stillness. Not something we as a whole, as a society embrace. Not only do we shy away from stillness … we actually look at it with disdain.

Be still.

The act of being still is often looked at as foolish. Lazy. Unmotivated.

For me? The act of being still resonates with words from the Bible. It's a rest for my soul. A place of refreshment. Instead? We obsess with busier. More. Do. Fill.

The result. Eventually? Emptiness. Depleted. Depressed.

Be still.

Being still is a time to reflect. Pause. Listen.

I begin my mornings with that stillness. No phone. No computer. Just still. I read my Bible. I write down my thoughts. And then I take a few moments with my 5 minute journal writing down what I'm grateful for, an affirmation for myself, and what "would make today great".

be still. take time. take delight. commit

Be still.

Then a few moments of quiet. Reflecting. Praying. Inhaling the rich aroma of too black coffee. Watching how the leaves dance in the wind. Noticing birds in flight. Ducks on the pond. Petting the soft snout of my needy dogs.

Just. Being. Still.

Whatever guides YOU leads YOU speaks to need to listen. Really listen. It's in these moments I am equipped for the day.

Stop trying to fill every moment. It's OK to take a break. To be still. The world was not designed to move at the harried pace we have created. We cannot keep up. There is a price for our busyness.

I encourage you. Implore you. Stop.

Be still.

Enjoy a moment for what it is. Look around you. Be thankful. Yes...even for the messes. Smile. Breathe. Exhale.

Now go.

You've got this.

xoxo, lisa

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