Being honest. Being real. And reaching out.

Being honest. Being real. And reaching out.
I posted a question on my Facebook page yesterday. Quite simple actually.
what are three words that describe how you feel today?
Instead of leaving it open ending ended and getting all sorts of positive Facebook froufrou, I told you how I was feeling. In all honesty, the only way I know how to be.
INSPIRED. ~ by the conference I attended last weekend ~
OVERWHELEMD. ~ by life, and what is going on for me personally and in the world around me ~
NEEDY. ~ because sometimes you just need to know that people care ~
I really didn't know what to expect. Facebook is an experiment for me. It's my way of trying to reach out. It's hit or miss. You never know who is online, or who will take the time to read, or let alone comment. A crap shoot.
The responses I received surprised me. Almost everyone was feeling overwhelmed. Stressed. Tired. Scared. Sad.
We all live these "lovely" public persona's out there on the "the Twitter", or "the Facebook", or our blogs, or wherever we choose to step out. We put our BEST foot forward...showing the BEST pictures of our families...talking about our AMAZING promotions...our FABULOUS desserts and vacations. But is that who we really are?
I spoke at the aforementioned conference last weekend. Type A Parent. It was amazing. Not MY speaking! But what I gained from being with other people like me. People who tell their stories. People who are honest. People who are living their crazy lives online. I gained so much.
The speaking part. I wasn't so much worried about WHAT I was speaking about, you know...the content. I knew I could talk about selling and I knew I might even have some good ideas, tips and tricks to offer. But what was totally important to me? It's this simple fact.
I want to be the same person online as I am offline.
I really want to be your friend. I really do care about your life.
I want to be honest and real and genuine.
Let's face is not always beautiful and fabulous and fashionable! Sure, it has those moments - lots of them. But some days I am just, well, needy.
Some days, being a mom is a sucky job.
Some days, being a business owner is too much to handle.
Some days being a good wife is just too hard.
Some days I just don't want to get out of bed.
And that is just real.
But it's not every day.
Most days in my ripped jeans and my tank top sitting at the studio with my dogs I am a very happy fulfilled person. I like pop rocks and gummy bears. I wear silly buttons and laugh at myself all the time. I love baseball and classical music. I have tattoos and green hair (for the moment). I show you my grungy side right along with my stellar high heels. I give you videos of me throwing a javelin with very 80's hair (maybe that was a bad idea!). I have crazy teenagers that drive me to eat chocolate, drink wine and workout. And not necessarily in that order!
But this is me.
You may like me. You may not. That is okay.
But all in all when you meet me face-to-face I hope you say,
"That is EXACTLY how I thought she would be!"
And I hope you feel like you can come up to me and give me a hug.
So please, stop pretending everything is hunky-dory. Reach out. I mean really reach out. Be yourself. And look around you. I'm pretty sure there is someone there who just needs an encouraging word today.
You? I think you are awesome.
You are at the heart of everything I do.
You inspire me.
You have given me freedom to be myself.
And for that, I am forever grateful.
My three words today?

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