cancer. friendship. an army.

cancer. friendship. an army.
Wednesday. The day I write about my favorite things. Cancer? You ask? How is that your favorite? Well it's the other word in the title that is my favorites. Friendship.

Friendship. We want it. We crave it. We need it. We offer it. We gift it. It's beautiful.
The urban dictionary defines it this way:
A friendship can best be thought of as two people side by side looking forward toward a common goal. It's an odd form of love in which people develop a relationship without relationship as a goal.
Isn't that perfect? We walk through life with our friends. Some of them with daily contact. Some monthly. Some once in a great while. But our friends are there for us…requiring little to nothing in return.

Some of my very best friendships have developed because of the blogging community. Not only are they some of the highest quality individuals I have the privilege of calling "friends"…they are a force to be reckoned with. So when one of "our own" had a devastating diagnosis of the "C" word. Everyone jumped in to do what they could.

Meet Amanda. I met her several years ago at a blogging conference and just totally enjoyed being around her. Wife. Mom to 2 beautiful daughters. Stage 3 breast cancer. Ugh.

The blogging community has created #AmandasArmy - everyone has offered up what they can do to help her family through this difficult time. What do I know? Jewelry.

I designed several pieces and allowed Amanda to choose. This is the necklace. $20 from the sale of each one goes directly back to Amanda's family to help offset medical expenses. It's not a lot. But it's what I can do.
We all know someone fighting this battle. A mom. A sister. A BFF. A daughter. You. Eventually I will offer this necklace with the donation going back to breast cancer research…but for now…for now it's for Amanda…my friend. Will you help?

You can read more about Amanda and her family here - you can also donate directly if you prefer. Whatever you do…EVERY little bit helps.

Thank you. For taking a few minutes to think about Amanda. She would also greatly appreciate your prayers - for healing. for peace. for strength.

Please consider helping join in her fight. Because friendship is about all about that. And it truly is one of my favorite things.


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