Cotton Candy and a Pop-up it's time for a County Fair

Cotton Candy and a Pop-up it's time for a County Fair
Horses, pigs, chickens and cotton candy. That's pretty much the story of my life for the week.
I thought you would never ask! It's 4-H fair time.
My horse obsessed oldest daughter is showing her horse for the first time this year. Is she excited? Understatement!
She and I are living at the fair grounds for the week. That also means camping. CAMPING.
It's not that I hate camping. I'm just not accustomed to it. I didn't grow up spending my summers at a campground...actually, I'm not even sure there are campgrounds in New Jersey! Ok, I'm sure there are we just were not a camping family. Therefore, I don't have the same love affair with it that others have.
That being said, I might complain a little about the bugs. A teensy bit about the cold, and the cramped quarters. And of course, the fact that we don't have electricity or water is a bit awkward.
I get to spend this week with this girl. And she is loving every minute of it. Can't you tell?
Her sisters will come out for a sleep over sometime this week. I'm sure there will be a lot of giggles, along with pokes and complaining about space, but we are building memories. Tight, close knit ones, tripping over each other ones!
And did I mention the cotton candy? I actually told a little girl last night that cotton candy is like manna from the Bible. One bag is enough for the day. You can't save it until the morning. And there will be more tomorrow. A bit twisted theology, but it made a point!
I was going to post about that fashion of "fair", but for the most part I've seen shorts that are too short, shirts that are too short, and a lot of skin. Let's just say I'm grateful my man-child has football camp all week, he does NOT need the's a dangerous place for a young man. But I digress...
So I'm off to be the mom in the grand stands. I have my boots and my hat...and plenty of cotton candy at the ready. And we are having the time of our lives.
Maybe there IS something to this camping is very peaceful out here.

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