Creating a Time Capsule and What's NEW on the Bench

This post could be titled the "homeschool chronicles"! One of my children had the assignment of creating some sort of time capsule. As she shared her includes yesterday, my other girls and I decided it would be fun to add our own items and actually bury our treasure. It was Tahlia's assignment - here is some of the items she included:
  1. A color copy of the cover of a fav book she just read - Frindle
  2. A color copy of the cover of her fav movie for the moment - Ramona & Beezus
  3. A Valentine, since she just threw her first soiree'
  4. A piece of paper that says GLUTEN FREE (that one made me laugh)
So I asked my girls what they would include...and we started brainstorming.
  1. current Top 40 music
  2. headlines from the paper
  3. picture of a car
  4. Isabel: a copy of the script from her play
Stay tuned for photos and the official burial of the Lehmann Family time capsule.
What would YOU put in it?

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