Easy Hair Style for Teens - for fast back to school style

Easy Hair Style for Teens - for fast back to school style
Hair. Bad hair days. Good hair days. Long hair. Short hair. Straight hair. Curly hair.
It can be the bane to our existence can it not?
Then add in early mornings and teenage hormones...not a good combo.
We have tried to find ways to make the morning routine easier...and for two of my girls...braiding seems to be an easy solution.
Isabel has super long hair. For her to even attempt showering and drying her hair in the morning would be insane! She is the master of the creating messy french braids in her wet hair at night, and waking up with ridiculously fabulous waves in the morning.
She shows us just how easy it is. Begin with clean, damp hair. If your hair has any tendency towards frizzy...add a bit of anti-frizz styling cream and comb through with your fingers.
Then start braiding!
In the morning, carefully take out your braids. Too much handling = frizz. Again, smooth anti-frizz in the ends and your done. Go to school!
How's that for easy? The funny thing? For me? I do the same trick, but with the goal of eliminating some of the curl. A single braid down the back gets rid of my kinky side, and adds softer waves! There's your bonus trick for my super curly haired friends!
What's your easy back to school hair style? I'd love to know!

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