Fashion tip Tuesday - channeling your inner Katniss

Fashion tip Tuesday - channeling your inner Katniss
Side braids. Camp gear. Boots.
Unless you live under a rock you have heard of Hunger Games and the phenomena it has created. And admit it....if you are a girl you are ready to embrace your inner Katniss.
There is something about her raw beauty. Her rock hard determination. Her passion. Her tough girl persona. Something within us...hungers to be like her.
Ok, maybe hunting really isn't your thing. Maybe the idea of lodging yourself in a tree makes you queasy. Wrestling fire? Not so much.
But how about embracing the crazy amount of hunger games-esque fashion trends that are surfacing everywhere. Now this is fashion that speaks to my heart. I believe Katniss and I are long lost sisters.
Last week in Los Angeles I happened to wander past Christian Louboutin's store. The gravitational pull was strong. My inner diva was calling. Who is Christian louboutin? Have you ever seen those famous red sole sky high heels? Yes, he is the genius behind those. {{swoon}} I resisted the urge to enter, but I lingered outside, long enough to see these.
The gladiator is back...truly hunger games....truly Louboutin....truly awesome. Price tag? $2795.00. {gulp} Remember...he is the master trend setter...there are other options for us real huntresses.
Do you love his extreme tall sandal look? Then this fearsome tall pair will have you rocking your Katniss look in no time. By Urban outfitters the Ecote for $49 in black or brown.
Perhaps you are thinking a bit shorter, and exceptionally well made. Enough to carry you throught youir deepest woods experience? Cole Haan has this pair for $103.00. These are stunning. Available at
But the ones that captured my heart are a bit more girly and less rustic. More Capitol wear then arena. Silver and strappy from are just about perfect. Price? $30.99. Remember Katniss is thrifty too and she needed to look her best for Caesar.
What are you going to wear your new strappy goodness with? Well my guess is you won't be tramping through the woods in a search of water. So grab a long boho maxi dress. Maybe a pair of denim shorts. Or a high waisted pencil skirt. Dang you look good!
Tell me which pair you would pair you would choose, and what you plan on wearing them with. I really do want to know!
Me? I'm off to brush up on my javelin skills. You think I jest? I have more Katniss in me then you might expect! At one time I actually took third place in the nation. I expect you to totally laugh WITH me at children definitely did! Just think...late 80's...thus the hair. xoxoxoxoxo, lisa p.s. I must love you a lot to embarrass myself for you

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