Fashion Tip Tuesday - long tank tops

Fashion Tip Tuesday - long tank tops
Muffin tops. Tramp stamps. Basically skin that shouldn't be seen. We've all glimpsed the peep show and cringed.
Some may intend it. Many do not. It's a hazard of the ever lowering waist styles, and the ever shortening tops. Midriffs for summer? Really? Pahleese no.
How DO you combat that space between the bottom of your shirt and the top of your pants? How DO you make sure you don't show off more than you intended without making the transition to high waisted pants? {shudder} I will NEVER go back there!
I have a solution, but you knew that I did right? Otherwise this wouldn't be much of a fashion tip would it?
Needless to say, I have this issue a lot. I have a very long waisted body. Translated? Nothing is ever long enough. Nothing.
My secret weapon?
Tank tops. Yes, tank tops.
Not only do they afford me the extra length, they give me an option for an unexpected pop of color. Not to mention extra warmth in the winter, and a layer to absorb any "perspiration" aka SWEAT in the summer!
See how smart I am?
It used to be difficult to find long tank tops, but they are popping up everywhere now. Maybe the retailers got sick of seeing that "space between" too. My absolute favs come from Down East Basics, they even have some with lace trim...LOVE! And they have a higher neckline, not that I have to worry about "falling out" but you get the idea! My latest find came from H&M - and these baby's are SUPER long...even for me! And as expected, Target has nice selection of a wider strap version in their junior department. And really, who doesn't love Target?
Think of your tank tops as an accessory.
Wearing jeans and a grey shirt? Add a bright blue or pink tank top.
pretty much my "uniform" I do a lot of bending and leaning in the one needs a show!
Patterned skirt and fitted sweater? Slip on a complimentary color to pull it together.
Dress pants and blouse? Tuck that tank top in, it will help keep your blouse tucked and give you a layer to show off that charm necklace you're wearing.
I literally have drawer full of a plethora of color. It is a rare occasion you DON'T see me in a tank top. I even have my girls hooked. And as far as teen fashion goes, this is a beautiful thing. Trust me. (remember my teen fashion a mom can love posts?)
So stop tugging at the back of your shirt. Stop worrying about picking up that french fry you dropped (yes, I saw you). Just throw on a tank top, pull it down over the top of your jeans and
You're safe. And fashionable. My work here is done.

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