Road Trip Essentials

Road Trip Essentials
Summer is coming. In case you didn't know. What that means for many is ROAD TRIPS. What that ALSO means is limited car space, small suitcases, and a fashion wardrobe that might be a little less than desirable.
I have two trips in June. TWO! ~ and this does not include all the travel baseball weekend trips either! Ugh. I digress. My trips. One by plane. One by car. In the next couple weeks I will help guide you as you pack for your summer trips. How to pack well and small and keep yourself fashionable along the way. But first things first. Let's channel your inner Macgyver. (if you are under a certain age and don't get that...Google it) You need a Fashion Stylist Toolbox.
Say what?
A bag of tricks, so to speak. An emergency kit. Must have supplies to have you ready for any and all fashion disasters.
And between me and THREE fashionista-in-training teenage and tweenage daughters clothing malfunctions are bound to happen. But we will be ready!
FIRST, grab yourself a cute bag. You know the ones you get as freebies with your makeup purchase? The ones stashed under your bathroom sink. Oh, you threw those out?
What you need in your bag.
  1. Stain Remover. Let's face it stains happen. Grab one of those pens, like the Tide to Go pen and your golden. Now you're ready for the great salsa mishap, or worse!
  2. Safety Pins. Seriously, you just never know. Fix a necklace. Keep your clothes where they should be etc. I found these Dritz(R) Safety Pins on Amazon. $4.79 for 200. Buy them.
  3. Sewing kit. Kinda goes with the safety pins, but a step up. Even if you are not Betty Seamstress, I bet you can tie a knot in a thread and stitch in and out, in and out. Button pops off, a seam splits a little, a tear in a most embarrassing spot. You get the idea. Hotels used to give these kits away, not so much anymore. But again, since you're already on Amazon's site, here's a cute little Singer Sewing Kit in Reusable Pouch. This one even has a scissors, which is item #4 on my list!
  4. Scissors. (told ya) Loose threads. Tags that need to be cut. Do NOT rip off your tags people. I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you where to buy scissors, but a pair does come in aforementioned little sewing kit. FYI.
  5. Static Stuff. I have had way too many incidents of things clinging when they just should NOT. And if you have packed one of those lightweight dresses we will talk about next week, and it's been shoved in a has static. Trust me. Buy a tiny can of Static Guard and stick in da bag.
  6. Wrinkle Spray. I am not a big fan of the iron. But I'm also not a big fan of wrinkles either. Nothing screams TRAVELER more. And since your in "can buying mode", I recommend you grab some of this wonder spray. Shoot, buy 10 - it works so well you may never iron again! Back to Amazon, I found this Travel Size Wrinkle Wiz but Downy makes one too.
  7. Double stick tape. This is a must have. Create a hem. Keep spaghetti straps in place. Keep clothes from ever having a *ahem* mishap. "Sew" something shut quickly. This is truly a "stars" best friend. Or so I read.
  8. Clear nail polish. Honey, it's not just for "panty hose" anymore. Paint it on a button that looks like it's going to fall off (in case you forgot to buy item #3) Shoe lace unraveling? Frayed anything? Here's my favorite...paint it over your sunglasses screws, you know the ones that get loose and fall out on those cheap sunglasses you love?
  9. Lint roller. You may not have taken the dogs with you, but you never quite leave them behind, do you? And, you never know who...or will encounter along the way.
my girls...and what they look like when I try to leave without them
Other than those essentials, if you are traveling by land and you make-squeeze-have room in the vehicle, I'd throw in a handheld steamer...just in case.
What else would YOU put in your travel kit? Do you have any tips or tricks to add to the list? Let me know.
And...Happy Trails....

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