Fashion Tip Tuesday - Toes Matter - Pedicures at Home

Fashion Tip Tuesday - Toes Matter - Pedicures at Home
Summer fashion highly involves sandals. Wedges, flip flops, strappy heels, gladiators. What do they ALL have in common? And truly? Nothing ruins the look of fantastic sandals than a pair of ratty feet and unpainted toe nails. Ick.
Obviously we can't all run out for a pedicure every couple weeks, although I'm still trying to figure out how to make one a business expense. But pedicures at home can be done easily. Even better? Why not plan a girls night in? Can you say….Diva time?!
Either way, here are some easy tips to get those "I've been hiding in boots all winter feet" ready to shine in the best sandals summer has to offer!
  • Remove your nail polish.
  • Soak for 15-30 minutes - add bath salts, essential oils or Epsom salts to the warm water.
  • EXFOLIATE! Using the pumice stone they can begin to scrub away the rough layers of skin to get their feel nice and smooth.
  • Rinse in the basin, dry off your piggies...slightly...not completely.
  • Moisturize. A bit of dampness will help seal in the moisturizer. And take your time. Rub it in and enjoy the pretty scent! And if you can find a lotion with Vitamin E, or Shea butter or jojoba oil..even better.
  • Toe Time! Trim or file their nails as you wish.
  • Before you polish take one more swipe with the nail polish remover to make sure all that lotion is off of your nail. Trust me on this one!
  • Polish...have fun with this one. Colors for summer include..are you ready?
Pistachio GreenTangerine Tango • Glitter • Neon's • Blues
  • Add a top coat and you are golden!
Even more fun? Grab a few girlfriends and make an evening of it. Juice bar. Wine and cheese. Desserts. So many options. Then you can get a little crazy with your polish when you have a friend help you out.
Either way, your toes will be in tip top shape for those fantastic sandals you've been swooning over!
My Katniss sandals came last week and I have YET to wear them.
Toes first.
Then I'll be ready. But which color should I choose....decisions...decisions.
Which color for toes should I choose? What color would YOU choose?

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