Favorite Thing GLITTER a DIY Make your own glitter shoes tutorial

Favorite Thing GLITTER a DIY Make your own glitter shoes tutorial
I have to admit, sometimes I just LIKE sparkly things. And as a crafty girl at heart, glitter makes my heart pitter patter.
So when I stumbled across a how-to make a pair of my own twinkly-sparkly shoes, I took the bait! Of course, I did it for my children.
Here is my version of these glitterful masterpieces. Be forewarned, glitter is NOT for the faint of heart!
What you will need:
  • a pair of sneakers - we each found what we loved!
  • fabric glue - tacky glue seemed to work the best
  • glitter - duh!
  • painters tape
  • paper plates
  • a shoe box
  • craft sticks or toothpicks
  • other metallic embellishments
First up, gather your shoes.
And your supplies.
Take out your shoe laces. Pull out the tongue, don't stick it out....pull it out silly! And tape down the rest of the shoe with painters tape.
Apply your tacky glue with a craft sponge...or your finger.
I'm a "get messy kinda girl" so I prefer the finger method myself!
Liberally shake glitter onto the glued area...OVER A SHOE BOX!
Shake off excess glitter into your box, then pour it onto a paper plate to re-use for the next "gluing". (see we are even recycling when we glitter!)
Switch shoes in order to allow the section you just worked on to dry for a few minutes.
Now start in on another section...using either a toothpick or craft stick to get around tough areas. You will be able to easily scrape the dried glitter off the grommets later, so don't worry too much! (see our lovely examples of the "glue experience". Then repeat the glittery steps.
**Note** I chose silver and black glitter over grey shoes = easy. Tahlia chose pink glitter over pink shoes = SUPER easy. Anneke chose black glitter over white shoes = much more labor intensive, but oh-so-cool!
We did allow them dry for an entire day before we attempted to lace them up and wear them out! Last step I sprayed them with an art fixative "just in case".
To be honest, Tahlia DID leave a trail of "pixie dust" in church on Sunday. Me? Not as much. I think my glue methods were a bit more intense.
End result? We LOVE them! And my girls discovered they love glitter too!
Next week, I'll show you Isabel's polka dot shoes. Uber cute!
What do you think? Will you give it a try? Me? I'm thinking sparkly high heels next! Yeow!

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