Favorite Thing - Sugar, Candy and where Lent comes in

Favorite Thing - Sugar, Candy and where Lent comes in
I have a strange fascination with sugar and candy.
Maybe not so much a fascination as much as a true addiction. I'm not proud of it.
Ok, I know most of you know like sugar and candy, but I actually find myself thinking about candy ... distracted by candy ... rewarding myself with candy ... posting pictures of candy ...etc etc...
Gummy bears.
Swedish fish.
Dark chocolate.
What is wrong with me?? Lol!
So then there is Lent.
Lent is the season of preparation before Easter. There is often fasting involved with Lent, thus the need for Fat Tuesday - pack it all in before you give it up!
In our home we have used Lent as a time to fast from something that is important to us. Something personal.
But it's not JUST about the fasting. It's also a time to replace the "thing" we give up with a time of reflection ... reflection on Jesus and what He has done for each of us.
And in addition to that, it's a time to regain perspective ... redefine focus .. redirect thoughts. I need that.
Doing what I do every day it's very easy to get sucked into the "ME" syndrome.
My creations.
My art.
My business.
My social media.
Who likes me? Who doesn't?
How many sales do I have?
What am I going to write about?
How many comments did I get?
How many "likes"?
Me. Me. Me.
I need to be reminded that it's NOT all about me.
Each accomplishment.
Each blessing.
Each design.
Each sale.
Each trial I pull through.
Each new skill.
These things are a gift. A treasure. Something I don't deserve.
This is where my precious, I mean, "the candy", comes in.
For as much of IT that sits in my studio. For as much time IT comes to mind. For as much of IT I consume on a daily basis, well, it seemed like the perfect thing to give up for Lent.
So for the next 40 days, every time a fleeting thought of sugar or candy comes to mind I will redirect my focus. I have a feeling that will be a great deal of reflection on my part!
But at the end of 40 days I hope to be better prepared for the celebration of Easter, AND to have a better perspective on myself and my business. I just never want to get "too big for my britches" ...so to speak.
Being able to do what I love every day...having four healthy amazing kids...living a life filled with grace...these things are such a blessing.
I do NOTHING on my own.
I am NOTHING on my own.
I just don't want to forget that.
Now about the sugar. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna fail at some point. But I am going to try really, really, really hard. Just don't tempt me! K?
And...forgive me if I seem grumpy at some points...there is bound to be withdrawal!
As for my family, they have each chosen to give up something important to them. We don't require that....it's THEIR choice. I am always proud when they do make that choice. And I am excited to see what they will have learned at the end of the 40 days!
So what about you? Do you give up anything for Lent? I'd love to know!
Lisa ps i took everyone one of these photos in the last couple months. trust me...there were about 10 more! sad, sad story!

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