Friendship is a beautiful thing. When you have it, it can be your lifeline. As a woman, your girlfriends are the ones there for you in the tough times, when you want to go shopping, when you just HAVE to share, when you don't want to laugh alone. But when you are friend-less, or just don't have the amount of contact with your friends that you would can be very lonely. For me personally, I am quite picky about whom I choose as friends. Maybe because of past hurts, maybe because I fear being rejected who knows why I am the way I am. I do know, when I do have a friend I'm like a Golden Retriever....loyal to the end! I don't need lots and lots of acquaintances, just a few really good friends. Those I can trust. Trust is HUGE for me. What I have found is that in the past 12 years of being a mom, and a homeschool mom at that...there hasn't been tons of time for me to develop friendships. I don't have the freedom to just meet someone for that cup of coffee. And I for sure can't even bother to consider having a meaningful phone conversation...uninterrupted! So I haven't made many new friends, my disappointment... I haven't done well in keeping up with my existing friends. No this isn't a "feel sorry for Lisa" party. I take full responsibility for myself. But I recently have found a new friendship option. Cyber space friends. And before you start thinking I'm some weirdo chat room stalker...let me explain. As many of you know I have been a jewelry artist for a long time. I've sold to stores and online through a website. Lately, I have really been pushing the ETSY store thing...and loving it. It has opened my world to many other artists, artists who are mom's as well. This has opened me to several artist communities! People like me, with the same struggles as me. It is a beautiful thing! Find your tribe. There are definitely groups for everyone! People out there like yourself who just might have something valuable to say to you. And they might like what you have to say too!
It doesn't take a lot of my time, but what it does is give me a couple minutes a day of adult interaction with other women like myself. They don't care if I'm still in my pajamas, they don't care if I'm taller than them...they're just interested in whatever it is we are discussing at the moment. And to me...that is priceless!

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