Graduation. Letting Go. And stepping stones.

Lisa Lehmann

Posted on May 24 2017

It's that time of year. All we hear about is graduation. Tents pop up in people's lawns. Open House signs everywhere. So much celebrating. This year it's near and dear to my heart. Again. Time number three. Daughter number two. I feel like I'm watching time whip past my eyes and only once in a while it comes into focus. Everything moves so fast. But. Instead of being sad and wistful. I'm choosing to be giddy and excited. This time in her life unlike any other. It's her first big step out of the nest. It's a step towards independence. It's a step towards spreading her wings. Finding her voice. Following her path. It's a stepping stone towards her future and I'm thrilled for her.

The stepping stone band is perfect. It marks a journey. NOT a destination.

I wanted something to commemorate the significance of this time. And my stepping stone band is perfect. It marks a journey. NOT a destination. stepping stone ring to mark the milestones in life like graduation, weddings, anniversaries stepping stone band to mark milestones in life like graduation, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries! Life is full of steps. Some are HUGE. Some are tiny. Each marks movement forward. So whether you choose this ring for your graduate, or for YOU mom - this is a massive step in your life too! You have prepared her for this very moment. You should be extremely proud. If you are like me, you are thinking of the "I wish I had(s)" "if only" "I could have done this better". You're right. It's part of the messiness called life. But. Think of it this way. She made it. She's here. Celebrate this moment with her. The stepping stone ring. In sterling silver and 14 karat gold. There are many steps to come. Let's take this journey together. xooxoxoox, lisa
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they are graduating. commemorate that moment with a special gift. a stepping stone ring.

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