Halloween. Dressing up. DIY costume and make up ideas

Halloween. Dressing up. DIY costume and make up ideas
Girls, admit it. You've dreamt about being a princess since you read your very first Golden Book Cinderella..or at the very least saw the movie! The dress. The crown. The glass slippers. Prince charming.
Most girls love to play dress up. There is something fun and fantastical about pretending. Isn't there?
This is one of the reasons I choose to embrace Halloween. I dislike greatly all the yucky "stuff". I don't like blood and guts and evil. It's a choice. It's mine. But we've always had fun making our own costumes, and when it comes down to it...it's all about the makeup. Sorry boys...this one is for the girls.
When the dreaded question comes up, "what should I be this year?" The very next question is, "can I have fancy make up with that?". My girls truly base their costumes off of wanting their faces "done up". The artist in me enjoys every minute of it!
So even if you waited until the very last minute, here are a couple ideas to pull together some awesome costumes they are sure to love!
Last year Isabel was a woodland nymph. I quickly stitched fabric leaves to a piece of white tulle which we simply tied around her waist. I also tacked a few leaves onto her green sweatshirt, and finally added a leaf garland to her hair. But it's the makeup that pulls it all together!
Tahlia had two costumes last year. For a church party we pulled out some fairy wings and a tiara...but truly is was all about her magical face which you can see above!
On Halloween night, we got a little bit more fancy and creative. She was a stalk of corn. What? That never crossed your mind? Green sweatshirt and leggings...a little bit of raffia and Indian corn. Viola! Instant stalk of corn. But again...her face HAD to be made up!
Even my monkey...very fitting for Anneke...needed some bling.
So what to use? I purchase cheap eye liner pencils, usually the Wet n' Wild version (remember those?). You can usually find glitter make up in the Halloween section to add some bling. And here is where you get to pull out all the eye shadow colors you would never wear and go crazy!
I start with a black or blue pencil and begin drawing swirls and curls. Then fill in with come color and glitter. The eyes get to be dramatic in color and very outlined.
If you are nervous about drawing your own swirls, here is a page of ideas. If you can't print it from here, click the pic - it will take you to my Flickr page where you can choose the size to download. Just print it out and copy. Really, you can't make a mistake. This is fun...remember?
For me? It's all about the candy. Bring on the dark chocolate and the coconut, I will gladly take it off your hands!
Now excuse me, I need to go by some eyeliner - it's about time to start pretending!

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