How to wear denim on denim - Fashion Tip Tuesday

How to wear denim on denim - Fashion Tip Tuesday
Really who doesn't wear denim? Skinny jeans are pretty much my mainstay. Denim is just my "go to". And, apparently, all the girls in my family agree. We all had some form of denim on yesterday!
But what happens when you want to COMBINE your denim? Can you pair a jean jacket with jeans? What about black jeans?
My 16 year old daughter asked me to help her out on this one. She wanted to know if there are specific rules when it comes to wearing denim on denim.
First, let me be clear - in my opinion - when it comes to fashion there really are no rules. To be truly fashionable is to learn to embrace your own style and be comfortable in your own skin. We can follow trends and fads. But those who truly "rock it" aren't afraid to "be who they are". Remember my post on "being the trend"? Go read it!
So these aren't RULES, but GUIDELINES when it comes to pairing denim.
The key is in the contrast. Not just color, but texture as well. Basically stay away from the same tone top to bottom....when they match, you look like you messed up!
  • Chambray is very popular for this spring and summer. Yes it looks good with khakis, but it pairs equally well with jeans. Just choose a lighter top with darker bottoms. Or if you don't mind drawing attention to your bottom half, switch it up.
  • Mix your denim type or style. For example, choose a very fitted crisp chambray shirt and pair it with distressed jeans. The contrast in styles help you to pull it off!
  • Vests. Jean vests are super hot and a great layering piece. When you put one on over a t-shirt or even a button down shirt, let the hem hang below the vest to break up your denims.
  • Colored denim is PERFECT to mix with traditional blue. Since skinny jeans come in an array of colors. Pick a pair in bright, fun color - and yes colored jeans are acceptable at any age! Now chose a chambray shirt or a jean jacket to top them off.
  • and blue denim together. Again, choose one more distressed and the other crisp. Viola!
  • Printed denim. Again, big trend for this spring and summer. Choose a printed denim skirt and add a sleeveless light chambray shirt for a super chic look.
Here are a few ideas I put together to get you thinking.
Easy everyday outfit. Basic Levi's jeans in a dark wash, Chambray shirt light, wide leather belt, gladiator sandals from Target, a pop of color scarf, and a leather wrap bracelet from LLD :)
country chic
For the weekend. Skinny jeans dark wash, plaid shirt, wide leather belt, tall boots, color in your handbag, and a distressed jean jacket in a lighter wash, don't forget your jewels from ME!
If you have any ideas I'd love to know. Better yet, show me your latest and greatest denim pairing!
Just remember....BE the trend. You are confident. You are beautiful. You are perfect, JUST they way you are! (our take on denim this weekend...not doubled up...but we sure embrace it!) xooxooxoxxo lisa

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