why I am "thebeadgirl"

If I had a dime for every time someone asks me why my twitter handle is "thebeadgirl" when I am, in all actuality a metal smith....well, I would have several dimes. :) (update 2021 I finally changed my twitter handle :) But the truth is...when I started this amazing adventure in jewelry it was the lure of the beads. The colors. The shapes. They textures. Oooo makes me all giddy just thinking about it. Then I was wooed away. Who knew I was really a PYRO? I love fire. I love my torch...it's my favorite tool. There is something so powerful about "playing with fire". But I digress... I started with beaded jewelry and therefore became "thebeadgirl" and I don't mind it one bit. But I really do very little with beads anymore. Which brings me to the point of this post.Number 1 - I have opened a destash shop on Etsy - called aptly... thebeadgirlSTASH - I have purchased all my beads at wholesale and my desire is just to cover the cost and get those little pretties into YOUR hands. love, "thebeadgirl"

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