Finding your PURPOSE

I have decided to join an "I believe" blog challenge. Each day this month I will be posting what I believe on a certain topic. This will be a HUGE challenge for me. I mean come on...blogging EVERY day? Yikes! But I have a feeling it will be a very good thing to do some introspection and articulate what I believe.... So I would value your input, your comments, your responses...and of course, what YOU believe on that topic! Watch out July...I've got you covered! _______________________________________ Today's topic, PURPOSE. We all have one right? Or we dream about having one, we WANT one. And truly? You need a purpose. Purpose is what drives us. It is why we do what we do. It is what defines our motivation. But what do I believe about PURPOSE? Without trying to "wax eloquent" I am going to tell you my purpose based on a few different facets of ME! As a human being: I believe my purpose as a child of God is to live a life striving to be the kind of woman He wants me to be. So on the day I meet Him face to face he'll say, " sure messed up a lot, but you certainly TRIED hard to serve me...well done!" As a mom: I believe my purpose is to love my children unconditionally, and in that loving environment to raise respectful, considerate, independent little humans that will leave my house and know exactly what THEY believe about their purpose in life! As an artist: I believe my purpose as an artist is to use my God given talent. What I use my talent for is NOT my purpose because that changes based on what I am designing or creating. I believe as artists, craftsman, even hobbists...when you have the ability and desire to "make" or "create" that is a gift that not everyone has, therefore when you share your talent you impact someone else. THAT is what motivates me and gives me purpose in my art. So tell me...what do YOU believe?

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