I get to hang with my kids... revisited...

This is one of those days I needed to revisit something I posted last spring. So this one is a reminder for ME...sorry to include all of YOU!For those of you who may not know...I homeschool. I do this for MANY reasons....
The best part?
I get to hang out with my kids...everyday.
Yes, it is a huge sacrifice of my time...but I get to read books with them.
Yes, I am never alone...but I get to hear piano solos in the middle of the day.
Yes, I am tired and worn out...but I get to teach her how to multiply.
Yes, there is constant bickering and arguing and sibling rivalry...but we are together, and learning how to deal with it, and picking up some Latin root words along the way!
Mostly? I just love it. And so far? They kinda like me too.

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